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Day 3 to Vote for Justin Jay McIntosh - Sun King Brewing

Today is another day that you can vote for me for Nuvo’s Best 2-D artist of Indy here http://www.nuvo.net/india…/best-of-indy-2016-is-here/BestOf… and while you are there, you can also vote for my beer group @TheDumpBuckets for best Twitter feed. I mention The Dump Buckets in today’s post because the painting below is a major influence in why my friends and I started the brew crew.

When I first moved to Indy, I tried to make a name for myself in the art community. I quickly got frustrated. College taught me how to better my painting technique, but I realized that I did not know how to sell my work or market myself.
Around the same time I tried to start an art career in Indy, my friend Tony was getting me into craft beer. I went to my first craft beer festival in January of 2009, around the same time I finished the first escalator painting. I was still really new to drinking, and I thought it would be a great opportunity to try beers that I never tried before. That is when I found out I really liked Barleywines. Not being used to the high alcohol brews, I ended up passed out at a table with an hour of the fest left to go. My only other memory of the night was my friend Mike drunkenly wearing cardboard boxes, pretending to be a robot as we left the fest.
The next day, I had a horrible hangover, but I also had an appreciation for the people and culture of the craft beer industry. The more places I went, I got the opportunity to meet some really cool people. What was cool for me, the people I talked with had an interest and fascination with the art I was creating. I was grateful. The craft beer community kept me going when I was having thoughts about not doing art at all. People supported what I was doing and encouraged me when they just met me moments before. I reassessed my career goals and came up with a plan to work on a series of work that excluded people and focused more on spaces and lighting, as well as focus on work for me rather than to sell. While I was coming up with this new art direction, I was also going to my second beer festival the summer of the same year. I handled this festival much better than my first.
Just by chance, my second festival also happened to be the same festival that I believe Sun King Brewing debuted. We really like their beer. It was easy drinking and a highlight of the festival, but one of the reasons that they stood out to me at the time were their tap handles. They were hand forged, metal sculptures. Each tap handle was a piece of art, and that stuck in my memory long after the fest.
With my growing love for beer, the awesome people, and my new art direction, I though what better way to show my appreciation for the craft beer industry than to do a few pieces of art. The inside of the breweries fit the direction I wanted to take my art. I though the reflective surfaces, large interiors, and interesting lighting would be a great challenge, and the first place I thought would let me paint was Sun King because of the artistic tap handles I remembered from before. After a few emails, I found myself at the brewery taking several photos.
The painting below is the result. It is the first brewery paining that I have completed, and I was happy with the finished product, and Sun King was happy too. I let them know it was complete and asked if they wanted me to bring it in to see. I did the painting with the full intention of hanging in my kitchen until it sold, but the next thing I knew, the brewery bought the piece and were getting ready to hang it in preparation for their 2 year anniversary. I was honored.
And now back to how this painting is responsible for the Dump Buckets. High on life for selling the Sun King Brewing painting and the 2011 Microbrewers festival weeks away, I had the idea to make a promotional video by bringing a camera to the festival. I planned to ask people about the art of beer in order to get inspiration for future pieces as well as keep track of the beers that we drank. While at the fest, my questions were not really going anywhere but I knew I was having a good time. Luckily Tony’s brother Jimmy was at the fest too. I was turning on the camera, pointing it at Jimmy, watched him talk to strangers, and was getting amazing responses. The camera died early into the fest, and I had no idea how my footage would turn out. A week later, we had our first beerfest video out on YouTube. It wasn’t really about art, but it was amazing. At that point, we decided to keep bringing a camera in hopes to celebrate the craft beer industry that welcomed us all with open arms.

If you would like, you can watch the first video below.


Thank you all and dont forget to vote for Justin Jay McIntosh for best 2D artis at http://www.nuvo.net/indianapolis/best-of-indy-2016-is-here/BestOf?oid=4122143.

And while you are at it, vote for my beer group @TheDumpBuckets for best Twitter Feed of 2016 as well.



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