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The Nick's Paintings

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My Bar, Brewery, and Beer related artwork all started when I was in college.  I was working at a campus cafeteria at IU Bloomington, and I was not happy.  I was good at my job, and the money was good at the time, but my stress levels were building to a boiling point.  My dedication to and quality of my artwork were suffering, so I quit my job as a Student Supervisor.  It was not a quick fix, but it was a needed start.

Nick's Main Bar paintingWhile I was taking a needed break and trying to rediscover my passion, it quickly became apparent that I still needed a job.  I received a voicemail from my old manager asking me to come back as a full time supervisor with a raise, but I could not even consider it.  The cafeteria life made me bitter to other college students, and I wanted a job where people smiled.  To my surprise, I found that at Nick’s English Hut, the oldest bar in Bloomington, IN.

A group friend had worked at Nick’s for years, and overheard that I was looking for something.  He told me to come in and talk to the owner Rags, and that he would put in a good word.  Next thing I know, I got a job working morning prep for the kitchen and food for the future days.  And when open, I watched the deep fryer and salad station.  Rags took a liking to me, mainly because I came in on time and was willing to do a lot of grunt work.  The people were fun, got a free meal everyday as well as a weekly check, and the atmosphere was awesome.  It felt like home, even though I did not drink at the time.

Nick's Main Bar hanging on ceiling at Nick'sWhen it came time for my final semester for school, I knew I had to do something big or go home.  I had a canvas in my studio for the past year that was 8 by 6 feet. Not only was the piece large, I knew I had to do something challenging. Students in the BFA painting program always did something really impressive for their final semester, I was not going to change this now.  Being fascinated with the ability to see multiple rooms and different colored lights from nearly any angle at Nick’s, I asked my boss if I could paint the bar.  He told me to go ahead.

I took a bunch of photos, did some sketches, and went to work on the canvas.  The paint flowed across the piece.  I focused on perspective to make the place come alive.  I used painting tricks to make details appear in places that were relatively shapeless.  I was mixing paint in the caps of 2 liter soda bottles so I did not have to keep walking back to my paints. It took nearly all semester, but I finished the piece the night before my final college art show.

Drink StationDuring final semester art critiques, I was told by my instructors that all students applying to get into the BFA Painting program stated the piece was their favorite of the show.  It’s a piece I am proud of, and it is currently hanging at Nick’s English hut to this day.  Every time I go back to Bloomington, Nick’s is a needed stop.  And now that I am a drinker, and head of a craft beer group, It is great to have a pint and see the changes over the years.

But this is not my only Nick’s painting.  A few years after moving to Indianapolis and buying a house with my wife, I took one of the remaining pictures that I had of Nick’s and made a second painting.  This one was much smaller than the first, but it was also of the main bar, viewed from the kitchen.  Not much of a story with this, but it did hang at the IN State Fair and take home an honorable mention.

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