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Prepping for Winterfest

If plans go correctly at the Brewers Guild of Indiana Winterfest 2012, my friends and I will be gathering footage this weekend for the second episode of Two Bros. and A Budding Artist.  We had a lot of fun filming all of the interviews and activities during the summer, and we a counting on that continuing into the winter.  I plan to get a lot of crowd cover as well as a few interviews.  I also am counting on getting more communication between the three of us in regards to the beer and atmosphere, but who knows.  Our plans may change, and this video might be a gathering of random images being thrown together.  I have plans in store so the battery life of my camera last a little longer, as well as a 16 gig memory card to last the full 4 hours of filming.  I expect it to be loud, fun, and hopefully educational from an art and beer perspective.  Still wish that my camera had a port for an external microphone, but that will be an upgrade for the future.

I do not think I will push myself so hard to get this video done in less than a week. I did that with the summer video, and it almost destroyed me.  I was up till 2 in the morning 4 or 5 nights in a row.  Then I would go to work at 7:30. I was really proud how it turned out, but I realize that I need my rest.  I will take out and post important clips that I get, but I will complete the main video in a few weeks.

Check out the first video below of Tony, Jimmy, and myself having one of the best Summerfest we have been to.  Jimmy shines as the willing interviewer, coming in to save the day when he noticed that I was failing miserably.  Tony made sure that we went through with every idea that I came up.  I could not have done it without them.

Make sure to like and subscribe to my you tube page.  It is a great help and I do appreciate all that I can get.

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