If you would like to commission an original piece of artwork by Justin, please contact him by email at jjmartwork@gmail.com for an estimate.  Justin's commission works are done using photographs taken in person or provided by the client.  Please provide the details of the piece that is desired, and feel free to ask any questions that you may have.  If you already have photos, please attach them to your email.  Prices can vary according to size, materials, and the complexity of the piece.

Graphite pencil drawings start at $20 and above, and they come in standard frame sizes.

Charcoal drawings start at $40 and above, and they come in various sizes 9 X 12 Inches and above.

Oil paintings start at $60 and above, and they come in all sizes.

An advance will be required due to invested time, labor, and materials.  The price does not include framing, travel, or delivery. If you would like, photos can be emailed throughout the process to keep you updated on the progress.

Justin looks forward to hearing from you and creating a stunning work of art that you can cherish forever.