I want to spend the majority of my time creating meaningful pieces of artwork that captures the experiences, history, feelings, and atmosphere of significant places in the Midwest.  I would like my work to be seen by others, and I would like to create a community where artist and people that appreciate art can communicate, opening conversation and advice about expanding and evolving our future works.


Besides my interest in the historical components of oil paint, I like to use oils for creating original pieces of art because of the versatility of the medium.   I have the ability to place a stroke of paint on the canvas, and then chose to have the next stroke blend or overlap depending on the technique used.  I find oils to be very forgiving, and I can even paint over or remove previous layers until I reach the desired effect. I can even use the thickness from those layers to create visual illusion.

I am currently working on a series of pieces, focusing on overlooked views of spacious, communal, interior locations around the Midwest.  These areas will often contain large objects that stretch across the composition of the piece, playing with the artworks perspective.  There are multiple light sources represented in the artwork, focusing on divisions of warm and cool lighting provided by interior and often unseen exterior sources.

My current subject matter consists of local bars and breweries because of my personal fascination with the numerous reflective surfaces, contrasting lights and shadow, and vastly differing colors.  I approach my work from a scientific perspective.  I pay close attention to the geometric components of a scene and their interactions, and I place colors on the piece considering the visual effects they have on surrounding paint.  For the amount of technical components I take into consideration, I delight in my ability to retain softness in the aggressive subject matter.

-Justin Jay McIntosh

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Justin loves to do commissions.  To hire Justin for a commission piece or to purchase works seen on this website, contact him at jjmartwork@gmail.com